Why Global Disney Style is Bigger and Better Than Ever

Lately, we’ve been incredibly impressed with the amount of Disney style happening around the world. In our YouTube series, Destination: Disney Style, we traveled from city to city, learning about international collaborations, what to wear for a trip to the Disney Parks and how locals wear Disney in their everyday wardrobes.

Winnie the Pooh in Japan Tokyo Disney

Because Disney films are loved all around the world, we’ve always known that the joy and nostalgia of Disney isn’t just something that happens here in the U.S. In the past few years though, Disney has become more and more prevalent in everyday fashion, thanks to collaborations with brands like KENZO, Cath Kidston, Forever 21, LeSportsac, and more.


Exploring Disney fashion from a global perspective gives us a window into the culture that differentiates one city from the next. In Tokyo, we found some of the best Disney style on Harajuku and its surrounding streets. Japanese influencers love to mix multiple characters into one outfit, or add various colorful layers to one outfit in order to highlight a particular character. From this alone we know that fashion in Tokyo is about being unique, embracing your youth, and showing off your fandom.


In the States, we have a great community of DisneyBounders, who dress up in looks inspired by Disney characters. The pieces they include in their outfits are from stores we typically shop at, but when put together create an outfit resembling a particular character. DisneyBounders often attend the Parks or events in groups, making their fashion impact even stronger.

Winnie the Pooh Group DisneyBound Dapper Day

From Shanghai to London  to New York to Los Angeles, Disney style has become a growing global footprint that we can’t stress how excited we are to be a part of. Keep it going by using #DisneyStyle on Instagram to share how you mix Disney fashion into your wardrobe.

Posted 3 years Ago
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