Quiz: Which Disney Movie Should Inspire Your Dorm Decor?

For many of us, moving away to college is our first experience of life away from home. With new roommates, new classes, a new campus, and a new stage of life staring you down at the start of the school year, it’s easy to feel equal parts exhilarated and—at least for the first couple months— a little overwhelmed. This is where a properly prepared dorm room comes in handy.

A calm oasis amidst the waves of novelty college brings, your dorm acts as a home base, carving out a corner of familiarity in your new environment. What better way to make it feel cozy than by adding a touch of Disney flair? You should decorate your dorm with whatever your favorite Disney movies are, of course, but if you have as hard a time picking a favorite as we do, take this quick quiz to help choose which movie to use as inspiration.

Posted 4 years Ago
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