DIY: Mabel Pines’ Shooting Star Sweater

Not only is this one of Mabel’s most recognizable sweaters, it makes for an amazingly simple DIY. Requiring little more than a sweater, felt, scissors, and our shooting star template, you can complete this craft in a few steps and rock it as an homage to summer adventures.

DIY - Mabel Pines1

a. Print out our shooting star template and use it to cut out shapes from their respective sheets of colored felt.

b. Arrange the shapes on your sweater and glue down with a few dabs to hot glue to hold them in place. Make sure you spread your glue evenly and in small amounts, to ensure you don’t melt your felt.

c. If you want an extra crafty look (and a more durable sweater), thread a needle with a matching a string color and stitch down the edges of your design.


There you have it! Your very own Mabel Pines sweater, complete with a copy of Gravity Falls: Journal Three. Though we usually opt for subtler Disney references in our inspired outfits, this lively DIY made us want to go all out. (A pair of tube socks and flats are definitely just out of frame.)

Play our game and create even more sweaters for Mabel, and be sure to watch Gravity Falls on Disney XD!

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Posted 4 years Ago
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