How to Get a Disney Style Dorm

For some, going back to school is an exciting adventure of seeing friends and joining new activities. But for others, there are nerves factored into the equation as you head into a new school with a new dorm and new friends. The most important thing about going to a new school or joining a new dorm is to stay true to yourself. Being yourself is the only way to fit in. So for Disney fans, that means bringing Disney to your dorm in a stylized, well-designed way. We put together some tips to help you feng shui your Disney dorm:

  1. Choose a focus.
    Pick something to be the focus of your room. What is the first thing someone will notice when they walk in? In the case below, it’s probably your The Jungle Book throw blanket. Then you can work on the color palette from there. For example, we pulled the orange in the printed bedding as a nod to King Louie and the rug from the logo’s coloring.  Bedroom 1
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix prints.
    Similar patterns work well to make a small space look bigger. Break up the prints with solid pieces like this poof stacked with Yoda Tsum Tsum. The colors of the rounded Walt Disney World pillow also tie into the bedding, blanket, and rug.
  3. Utilize shelf space.
    We know you don’t have much shelving in a dorm room, but this is the perfect opportunity to show off your love of Disney. Use Disney bookends like this Haunted Mansion set, and add Tsum Tsum where they fit in.

    Bedroom 2 copy
    Furniture: Target, Books: BoxLunch
  4. Disney mugs say a lot.
    If you wake up to a warm cup of coffee or fall asleep with hot tea, you need a Disney mug. It’s the perfect accent for your bedside table, like this Chip n’ Dale one from Disney Store.
  5. Show off wall art.
    Disney has a plethora of posters and wall art you can use to decorate your dorm. Choose something that goes with the overall color palette or theme of the room and balance it out with a mirror.

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Posted 4 years Ago
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