The Disney Wedding Day Survival Kit

Despite all the Pinterest boards and planning that goes into preparing your wedding, brides will agree that the reality is, not everything goes exactly according to plan. I’m a soon-to-be bride who enjoys a little (or a lot of) organization, list-making and overall preparedness. When I started reading about all the granular issues that could possibly stress you out on your big day, I began to create a list of “last-minutes” I might need. But I’m also the kind of girl who finds a way to fit Disney into everything I do, because…why not? Sipping out of a Baymax water bottle is just so much better than drinking from a regular one (plus, think of the adorable #Baymax Instagrams!).

To other Disney fan soon-to-be’s like myself, I put together a wedding survival kit that will keep you smiling even through the hiccups.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit1. Band-Aid 2. Bobby pins 3. Breath Mints 4. Water Bottle 5. Mini lint roller 6. Safety pin 7. Kleenex 8. Compact Disc 9. Tide to-go pen 10. Mini sewing kit 11. Nail files 12. Lip balm 13. Tweezers 14. Juice bottle 15. Pain reliever 16. Mini hairbrush 17. Antibacterial 18. Sunglasses 19. Cleansing wipes 20. Backpack
Posted 4 years Ago
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