Things Ariel Would Totally Pin

If you think about it, Ariel was kind of the original pinner. Her grotto with knick knacks and antiques was filled with stuff she loved that she wanted to save, and represented all of her interests. Though Pinterest didn’t exist in Ariel’s world—or the world she wanted to be a part of—we think she’d have some really stunning pin boards based on her eclectic interests and, ahem, penchant for saving stuff for later, just in case she needed it again. Here’s what we think she’d pin …

Gadgets and Gizmos


It’s hard to resist beautiful arrangements of statement objects, so we think Ariel would have a board entirely made of up odds and ends that she loves. Maybe they’re shelf or coffee table inspiration, maybe she just likes the look of a thoroughly crowded collection of pretty things, but we think she’d have a hard time turning down a good interior design pin.



Whatever you happen to be passionate about, you can pin about.



At the end of The Little Mermaid, Ariel is now part of our world, and she’s no longer flipping her fins. That doesn’t mean she’s totally turned her back on the sea, however! She probably still loves to call the ocean home, and probably pins all the bathing suits, with a preference for purple.

All the Mermaid Things


There’s a lot of amazing mermaid products out right now, since we all slowly figured out that we weren’t alone in feeling that, deep down inside, we were all just mermaids anyway. But the thing is, Ariel actually is one, so she kind of gets dibs on all of the mermaid schwag.

Long Hair Styles


If she’s living under the sea or on land, one thing is for certain: Ariel has a ton of red hair to maintain, and it can’t always be down and flowy and perfect. Fishtail braid anyone?

Travel Pins


In her song “Part Of Your World,” we see exactly how much of an explorer Ariel wants to be. The whole movie is about how she can’t stay put because she wants to see it all. The best way to research what’s out there is via super useful (and beautiful!) travel pins, organized aesthetically on Pinterest.

Posted 4 years Ago
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