Quiz: Can You Guess the Disney & Disney Pixar Movies From Their Home Decor?

As dedicated Disney fans, we like to make sure no part of a movie goes unappreciated. Today, we’re continuing our trend of celebrating the oftentimes overlooked elements of Disney films by quizzing you on the ultimate background elements: the home decor hidden in Disney and Disney•Pixar films’ beautifully illustrated backdrops.

Zooming in on specific pieces of furniture, wallpaper, or door frames, we’ve transformed recognizable backdrops into potentially tricky brain-teasers. See how well you can match each bit of decor to its respective movie. Note that there may be repeat answers, so don’t count out options you’ve already selected!

How did you do? Share your results in the comments, and send this quiz to your Disney-loving friends to compare answers.

Posted 4 years Ago
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