DIY: Minimalist Disney & Disney Pixar Character Coasters

Let us set the scene: Summer is in full swing, your refrigerator is stocked with cool drinks aplenty, and you’re ready to sit down to enjoy a beverage, when—after taking that first, refreshing sip—you realize you’ve nothing to set your drink on. Faced with the choice of leaving a sweating drink directly on your table (and risking the unsightly rings that result) or holding it until it’s finished, you scramble for something—anything—to rest it on. We’ve been there. And while coasters are an obvious solution, we realize they often get tucked away in some drawer to be forgotten until it’s too late.

We’ve created a quick and simple Disney and Disney•Pixar coaster DIY you’ll be proud to leave on display. Collect your supplies, set aside a half-hour, and enjoy them all season long!



a. Using a writing instrument and a round object, trace a circle onto your cork tile. A lighter color pen will create less noticeable lines.

b. Print out a copy of our Coaster Stencils PDF by downloading stencils #1, #2and #3 then use an X-ACTO knife to cut out the portions you will stencil onto your coasters.

c. Place your cutout stencil onto your round coaster. Hold your stencil tightly in place and being to dab paint on lightly. For Mike, Baymax and the Toy Story alien, focus on larger blocks of color (see picture d. below).

d. Let your painted coasters dry for at least 15 minutes.

e. Using a permanent marker (or black paint and a smaller brush), color in your details.

f. Optional: To protect your masterpieces from water damage, spray them with a waterproof craft sealant and let dry.

Coaster 3

Your coasters are complete! Leave this set out on your coffee table for some casual Disney and Disney•Pixar ice breakers.

Is there a particular character you’re excited to make? Share your work with us by using #DisneyStyle.

Posted 4 years Ago
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