All the Amazing Decor Details You Missed in Ratatouille

Ratatouille Decor Kitchen 1

It’s been nine years since the sweet and uplifting film Ratatouille first hit theaters, and we’re still finding new things to love about it. Yesterday, it was its Parisian fashion. Today, it’s the amazing decor. With beautiful design elements packing every frame of the movie, we decided to commemorate the film’s anniversary with a closer look at some of the details we may have missed on our first few viewings.

Though most of these decor details are found in the kitchen Remy spends most of his time in, we’d happily welcome them into any room. Scroll through and see if there are any you’d noticed yourself!


Ratatouille - Cork Board

We’re big fans of corkboards. Whether you’re using them to display your Disney enamel pin collection, or shopping lists (as pictured), they’re a cute, crafty and useful way to organize your things. The fact that Gusteau’s staff uses one makes us love them even more.

Industrial Oven (With “G” Emblem)

Ratatouille - Oven

The ovens in the Gusteau’s restaurant are easily some of the prettiest we’ve ever seen. With brass details (including a stamped gold-plated “G”), black panels that perfectly complement the tile flooring, and—of course—a size large enough to fit all kinds of tasty foods, they inspire serious kitchen envy.

Herb Basket

Ratatouille - Herb Basket

This subtle kitchen accent adds a cute, provincial touch to an otherwise industrial kitchen. Used here to hold herbs, it serves as a necessary reminder that, much like food, the best decor is often the simplest.

Hand-Painted Spice Rack

Ratatouille - Hand Painted Accents

On a similarly rustic note, we noticed a wooden spice rack, complete with hand-painted branches. It makes us want to paint cute, floral details on everything we own.

Dinner Plates

Ratatouille - Gorgeous Plates

The food arrangement in Ratatouille deserves a post of its own. And if the food stands as a work of art itself, it can be said that the plates act as the frames. Here, this beautiful porcelain plate’s subtle gold edge and dotted rim evoke neatness and delicacy—words that fittingly describe the manner in which Gusteau’s staff prepares their meals.

Wrought-Iron Shelving

Ratatouille - Cute Shelving

It almost seems a shame that such a beautiful unit would be discretely tucked in the corner of an already packed kitchen. If we had access to a piece this beautiful, we’d surely make it a room’s centerpiece. Featuring a curled frame and metal shelves, it strikes a cute balance between whimsical and vintage aesthetics.

Vintage Lighting

Ratatouille - Antique Lighting

This frosted pendant lamp, hiding in the background of most of the film’s kitchen scenes, is a timeless fixture. Adding a touch of elegance to the room as a whole, we’d have sooner expected to see this in the restaurant’s main seating area.

Exposed Brick and Backsplash Tiles

Ratatouille - brick and tiles

Exposed brick is totally trending in decor and this kitchen features walls that employ the style authentically. The backsplash tiles look similarly aged, adding to the kitchen’s historic feel.

Antique Desk and Chair

Ratatouille - Desk

In one of the brief scenes we get outside of the immediate kitchen, we see food critic Anton Ego, seated at the prettiest desk we’ve seen in a while. Featuring ornate wood panelling, slots for mail, and locks galore, it steals the scene.  The elegantly curled wooden chair that goes with it completes the look.

What’s your favorite decor element in Ratatouille?


Posted 4 years Ago
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