Make the Longest Day of the Year the Best Day Ever

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, today is summer solstice—the longest day of the year.

And with roughly 17 hours of summer sunlight at our disposal, we’re turning to our favorite Disney characters for a few ideas, and imagining how to make today the best day ever.  Though the activities listed work more or less in chronological order, you can pick one (or a handful) to add a dose of Disney-inspired summer fun to your week.

Explore the outdoors

Summer Solstice - Pocahontas

Though we may not all have access to canoes or forests like Pocahontas, the considerable time she spends outdoors can still inspire us to start our day off right. Whether it’s a new hike or a walk around your block, the brisk morning air is a great way to kick off a fun-filled day.

Relax in the summer sun


Olaf dreamed it; you can live it. After a morning walk, enjoy the first rays of this longest day by lounging in the summer sun. (We’re not saying you have to sing Olaf’s song while you relax, but we definitely think it’d help.)

Have a picnic

Summer Solstice - Picnic

We’ve been on a bit of a picnic-kick lately and—recognizing that an outdoor meal is an easy way to turn a regular meal into an event—believe it’s a perfect way to celebrate the start of summer. Take a page out of Winnie the Pooh’s hunny-sweet book with a themed-picnic.

Get creative

Summer Solstice - Painting

If there’s anyone we can turn to for advice on how to create the best day ever, it’s Rapunzel. Re-watch Tangled for inspiration on how to paint a colorful mural for your room, or get creative in countless other ways with any of Disney Style’s DIY tutorials.

Read a book

Summer Solstice - Belle

Belle reminds us of a good book’s power to transport us into another world. If you need a relaxing break during your longest day of the year, curl up with a favorite for an activity approved by this leading heroine. We especially recommend these Disney coffee table books.

Have a fashion party

Summer Solstice - Fashion Party

It’s no secret that we at Disney Style are serious fans of dressing up. Being such, Ken and Barbie’s outfit party sounds right up our alleys.With summer solstice falling on a Monday this year, take advantage of your extra-long day by having an impromptu fashion party with a friend and planning your outfits for the week.

Go for a swim

Summer Solstice - Ariel

Go for a swim in the afternoon—after the sun is at its strongest, but before an evening chill sets in—to channel our favorite mermaid, Ariel. Looking to make it a full-blown party? Check out this roundup of pool party gear to give it an extra-special, Disney touch.

Cook a themed meal

Summer Solstice - Cooking Remy

Cooking is, for many, a pretty routine activity. You can mix things up by giving your meal a theme—be it a Disney film or national foods. Follow Remy’s lead by adding French breads and snacks to give your meal a Parisian theme.

Go stargazing

Summer Solstice - Aladdin

Stargazing is one of those things that sounds fun, but for some reason or another we never take the time for. As the longest day of the year draws to a close, take a moment to appreciate the shining, shimmering wonder that is the night sky (magic carpet optional).

What would your perfect day consist of? Tell us in the comments and enjoy the start of summer!

Posted 4 years Ago
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