Turn Your Desk Into Tomorrowland

At Disney Style, we’re big fans of decorating our desks to match our current interests, and while recently browsing through desk decor online, we realized something: A lot of desk accessories available now remind us of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland.

Excited by the prospect of having a desk themed around this futuristic land, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites . Including everything from the obvious—like this cute Tomorrowland dish or rocket lamp, to the more obscure—brass accents that remind us of the Astro Orbiter or a sleek and modern Swell bottle, we’ve found a little something for everyone.

Check out our simple infographic to find your desk’s next statement piece:

Tomorrowland Desk1. Tomorrowland Dish (DisneyStore.com); 2. Swingline Stapler (Target); 3. Nate Berkus Clipboard (Target); 4. Rocket Lamp (Pillowfort); 5. Tomorrowland Miniature Trash Can (Amazon.com) ; 6. Space Pen (Fisher); 7. Nate Berkus Clips (Target); 8. Swell Bottle (Nordstrom); 9. Nate Berkus Organizer (Target); 10. Nate Berkus File Organizer (Target)

Is there a themed land or piece of inspired decor you’re especially fond of? Tell us in the comments and share what land you’d like to see featured next.

Posted 4 years Ago
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