Things Cinderella Would Totally Pin

Though Cinderella had a very royal happily ever after, she probably didn’t totally forget her humble much more DIY beginnings. Once a crafter, always a crafter. I mean, remember how she used to make clothes for all of her mice friends? Girl loves projects and making something from nothing.

For this reason, she’d probably be an expert pinner, liking and saving everything from fashion inspiration (she’s kind of a trendsetter now), to DIYs, with maybe a little pumpkin spice thrown in. If Cinderella were to pin, this is what we think we might see on her bibbidi bobbidi boards.

Style Inspiration

Cinderella Pin Blake Lively

Cinderella’s simple yet sparkly style has been a goal for many a starlet and ingenue since the premiere of her film in 1950. Since then, Blake Lively, Claire Danes, and more have taken cues from her princess style, which she’d probably catalog on her own fashion Pinterest board.


Everything Pumpkin

Cinderella Pin Waffles

Let’s face it: Cinderella’s happy ending had a lot to do with fate, but also a lot to do with one magical ingredient: pumpkin. When pumpkin fever strikes every fall, you could probably head straight to one of Cinderella’s food boards to find some zesty pumpkin preparations.


Glass Slippers

Cinderella Pin Shoes

Window shopping has been somewhat displaced by Pinterest, so when Cinderella is on the hunt for her next fateful pair of footwear, she’d probably pin a bunch of sparkly contenders.


Wedding Fashion

Cinderella Pin Dress

Usually at the end of a romantic movie, we see the protagonists end up together, everyone is happy, and that’s just the end of it. With Cinderella, we get to actually see her beautiful minimalist gown, the return of her signature choker, another shoe faux pas, and that gold carriage. It takes a lot of Pinterest research to finally say yes to the dress, so we imagine Cinderella would have some of the most beautiful wedding inspo boards.




Cinderella Pin DIY

Cinderella wasn’t always wearing custom-made gowns and glass slippers. In fact, her original ballgown was scrounged from things her friends found around the house. She would probably still have a knack for sewing and crafts and repurposing old things, and would pin up a storm of fashion DIYs.


Statement Necklaces

Cinderella Pin Choker

Whenever she has a major fashion moment, Cinderella sports a simple black choker. It’s an understated signature look that balances out the volume and sparkle of her gowns. Her fashion boards would probably be filled with minimalist jewelry for every occasion.

Posted 4 years Ago
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