Awaken Adventure With This Disney-Inspired Wall Decor

An empty bedroom wall is an equally exhilarating and intimidating canvas. As something you spend time staring at daily, it’s fun to decorate in a way that represents your interests. But with infinite decorating possibilities at hand, it can be hard to know where to begin. As is the case with most questions in life, we’re turning to Disney for an answer, and have organized a few sets of Disney-inspired wall decor. Featuring mix-and-match chalkboards, photo frames, and more, these wall fixings will help you document your fun summer memories and beyond, fueling the fire for further adventuring.

Scroll through our three inspiration boards below to get ideas for your own decoration projects.

The Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid Wall Inspo1. Ariel Print: DisneyStore.com; 2. Coral Painting: World Market; 3. Aqua Metal Frame: World Market; 4. Dial Clock: World Market; 5. Wall Hook: World Market; 6. Rope Mirror: World Market; 7. Oversized Aluminum Fork: Uma; 8. Decorative Magnifying Glass: World Market; 8. Sea Shell Print: Art.com

Ariel is the ultimate dreamer. If you’re looking to follow suit and inspire some nautical adventures, try out this wall decor—styled in aqua hues with some subtle The Little Mermaid references peppered throughout.


Tangled Wall Inspo

1. Indigo Tassel: Anthropologie; 2. Rapunzel Print: DisneyStore.com; 3.  Zinc Metal Chalkboard: World Market; 4. Clock: Threshold; 5. Flower Painting: Anthropologie; 6. Sunburst Mirror: World Market; 7. Hanging Mason Jars: Target; 8. Metal Wall Script: World Market; 9. Rapunzel Frame: DisneyStore.com

Rapunzel teaches us that waiting for your life to begin is hardly the way to go about life. Inspire yourself to get out there and make it happen with these motivational reminders. The clock and chalkboard are a perfect way to keep your adventures on track, while the bright colors will perk up the start of your day.


UP Wall Inspo

1. Pixar’s UP Poster: Disney on Amazon; 2. Hanging Planter: Light and Ladder; 3. Wall Hook: World Market; 4. Window Photo Frame: Threshold; 5. Photo Frames: Threshold; 6. Hanging Chalk Board: Target; 7. Wall Clock: Timekeeper

When it comes to ranking Disney adventurers, Carl falls near the top of the list. Referencing the interior of his and Ellie’s colorful home, we’ve found some photo frames and a wall clock inspired by the originals. If you’re looking for extra Disney-fied decor, fit a window photo frame with a quartered movie poster; you’ll have the best view in town.

Planning on redecorating with some Disney-inspired decor? Share your ideas in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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