DIY: Peacock Feather Minnie Ears

With all of the new nighttime events at Disney’s Animal Kingdom we couldn’t help but feel inspired by some of our favorite animals. So, we decided to make some feathered Minnie Mouse ears.

For supplies you’ll need a hot glue gun, feathers, ribbon, scissors, and a pair of plain Mickey ears. We used a mix of peacock feathers and additional blue feathers.  

peacock ears

Begin by cutting the feathers off the sticks. Using your hot glue gun attach feathers.


Here’s a good tip: Use blue feathers as the background and one peacock feather as the center, so that the colors of both feathers really pop. Don’t worry about the feathers going over the borders of the ears, because once the glue has dried you can cut around the edges to remove the excess.


Add a bow and attach to the middle with hot glue. Now you’re all ready to stand out of the herd at Animal Kingdom!


Posted 4 years Ago
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