How to Decorate Your Room Like Never Land

Admit it. From the moment you saw that rainbow drenched mystery of an island that is Never Land, you wanted to live there. Bitter pirates, crocodiles, and mean girl mermaids couldn’t sour the notion of a tree fort complete with a hammock, secret entrances, and tons of palm leaf decor.

Due to an utter absence of pixie dust and Peter Pans to whisk us away, Never Land itself isn’t really in the cards. One thing you CAN do is give your room adventurous but subtle Peter Pan vibes—a small gesture to help keep you from fully growing up.

We chose a mix of jungle, nautical, and definitely magical furniture, bedding, and decor pieces to help you achieve the perfect Never Land room. It’s a little bit Captain Hook, a little bit mermaid, and a whole lot of Never Land, all in one room.

Posted 4 years Ago
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