DIY: Disney Pin Display Board

Having too many Disney pins is never a bad thing. When it comes to storing and displaying them, however, things can get tricky. Jewelry boxes completely hide pins that deserve to be flaunted, and lanyards—while great for the parks—can get twisted when you hang them on the wall, making them less than ideal home decor.

We know the struggle is real, so we’ve come up with a quick and simple DIY pin display to put a definitive end to any pin storing woes.

What You'll Need - Pin Board copy

  1. In the spirit of nostalgia (and simplicity), we’re decorating our board with a Walt Disney Pictures’ older logo. Download our stencil here, then cut the shaded shapes out of a printed copy with an X-acto knife.
  2. Dip a sponge brush into white paint (or any color of your choosing) and—holding your stencil firmly in place—press the sponge over your stencil repeatedly, filling all the blank spaces.
  3. Peel away your stencil to reveal the castle shape. Set aside this cork tile and let it dry.
  4. Take your second cork tile and glue the knotted ends of a length of string onto the top corners (as pictured below). Add a staple or two if you’re worried about the strength of your craft glue. IMG_5883.JPG
  5. Spread glue across the back of your first tile and glue it  to your second, sandwiching the string between the two tiles. Use binder clips or clamps to hold the two tiles together as they dry.
  6. Once the tiles dry, add further decorations as you please. We painted a border around our cork board and added a bow (as pictured below), but you can feel free to leave it as is.
  7. Optional: Wondering what to do with all your pins’ Mickey-shaped rubber backings? Use glue, staples or push-pins to adhere a plastic baggie to the back of your cork board and stow them away for safe keeping.


 Now comes the fun part—displaying your collection for all to see. We added some of our personal favorites, including pins featuring Mickey and Friends, OlafThe Rescuers, Alice, Robin Hood, Hades , Aurora, Chip, Zazu, and Simba

What does your collection look like? We’d love to see it. Tag @DisneyStyle on Instagram to share your work!

Update: Stencil download has been fixed. 
Posted 4 years Ago
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