Be Our Guest: Disneyland-Themed Bridal Shower

When our Disney Style teammate, Nicole, got engaged on the Mark Twain Riverboat, the gears in our minds started turning: how do we throw her the ultimate Disneyland and Disney-themed bridal shower? Approximately one year later, we took to the courtyard at our offices to celebrate the upcoming big day in a way that was extremely Disney, but also extremely pretty and subtle.

We took inspiration from the Riverboat itself, the surrounding Frontierland, Main Street, and New Orleans Square, as well as from favorite Disney film quotes to make it all happen. With a lot of plants, props, candy, and some Disney DIYs, we were able to pull together a very beautiful and fun Disney bridal shower.

Here’s how we made it happen…


As a nod to the Mark Twain and Adventureland, we decoarated with ropes and barrels, wheels, and vintage books that gave the same feeling as a stroll around Rivers of America.

Bridal Shower barrel

To balance out the rustic barrels and wheels, we threw in some vintage rugs that gave it a somewhat elevated vibe, then added effortless, pastel roses that were similar to the palette Nicole was going to use in her wedding.




To add some extra magic to our string lights, we cut out sparkly gold stars and strung them together into a garland. The result was way more decorative, and much more worthy of a Disneyland-themed shower.

Learn how to make your own “Wish Upon a Star” Garland.

Star Garland 2



Bridal Shower Melting Quote

To integrate Disney in a subtle way, we designed beautiful printable quote posters and then put them in pretty, inexpensive frames. Pro tip: mixing and matching frames helps achieve that eclectic vibe we were after, and you can use frames you already have, or buy them inexpensively at a dollar store or thrift shop!

Download and print your own romantic Disney quote posters here.

Bridal shower incredibles Bridal shower bambi

Bridal Shower Happily Ever After



You can’t have a bridal shower without something to nibble one! In honor of the bride, we picked some of her favorite snacks and then tried to stick to a white and silver theme for purely aesthetic reasons (with and exception for brownie bites, which are very important).

We picked mini cupcakes, yogurt-covered pretzels, assorted white and silver candies, and tiny donuts. Putting them in pretty apothecary jars and tiered platters makes everything look fancy without much work!



Disney Couples

As a nod to the shop on Main Street where you can get your silhouette drawn, we decided to use silhouettes of some of Disney’s most famous royal couples as decor throughout the party.

You can download and print out these decorative Disney silhouettes here.

Snow white silhouette


Photo Booth

To finish off the whole event, we created a photo booth inspired by the Alice In Wonderland Ride, and of course, New Orleans Sqaure.

For the booth itself, we created a Wonderland-themed paper flower wall. This DIY has a major wow factor, but only requires some glue and tissue paper!

Learn how to make your own paper flower photo booth here.

Alice Flowers Bridal 2

For the photo props, we created character-inspired Mardi Gras mask! They’re super simple to make with some gems, glue and paint. Ours were obviously inspired by Jasmine, Aurora, and Maleficent, chosen because they had some of the most recognizable color palettes. But you can get creative and design masks that are based on any of your favorite characters.

Learn how to DIY your own photo booth prop masks here.

As a final touch, we found inexpensive umbrellas that look just like the ones sold in New Orleans Square at Disneyland.

Be Our Guest masks

See it all come together in this video:

Posted 4 years Ago
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