One of the best things about working at Disney is having a cool desk that I get to decorate. I’m not even kidding. Imagine growing up, loving Disney, then one day getting to show off that love every day at work, despite being (for all intents and purposes), an adult.

Desk flair is kind of a big deal around our offices. Many folks are into their massive Tsum Tsum or Vinylmation collections, while others like to show off posters, prints, or sketches by animators.

Since we make a lot of crafts and DIYs here at Disney Style, you’ll also find a lot of fabric, paints, art supplies, and rhinestones. I still can’t get all of the rhinestones out of my drawers after the hidden Mickey fanny pack DIY we did a while back.

Whenever we have guests, they’re always intrigued by how vibrant and busy our work areas are. Here’s your chance to get a little sneak peek at what it’s like to work at Disney Style.


One of my favorite desk decorations is a card from my team for Bosses Day, and a drawing of Edna Mode that a coworker gave me for my birthday. You might recognize the gold animals from a Lion King movie night article.



I’m pretty proud of my runDisney medals, so I show them off on my desk.



This team mate has all of the best craft supplies. Gold scissors = serious about DIYs.


IMG_5645 copy

Robin has really good color coordination going on with her vintage Mickey toys.


IMG_5646 copy

Disney is probably one of the few places you can work where having tons of toys is a must. Not just one C-3PO, all of them.


IMG_5647 copy

Nicole from Disney Style is very serious about the organization of her favorite Vinylmation.


IMG_5650 copy

She’s also meticulous about her Tsum Tsum stacks. Pro tip: do not mess up a coworker’s Tsum Tsum arrangement.


IMG_5652 copy

Lots of paint, polka dots, and plants. And yes, that’s Dug photo bombing from the right.


IMG_5653 copy

Ilana really likes Chanel, can you tell?


IMG_5655 copy

I didn’t even know this Cinderella glass slipper + mouse Funko existed. Taylor has the best princess toys.


IMG_5663 copy

Mel works on Disney Family, so she of course has alllllll of the Washi Tape, which is the perfect seat for cute Tsum Tsum.


IMG_5665 copy

Mel also brought some of her childhood treasures to decorate her desk. That’s her Pooh bear from when she was a little girl!


IMG_5671 copy

Because we make so many cool things, they end up as part of our desk flair. This Disney Style logo is from a fan (shout out, you rock), and the Dory cross stitch is from a Disney Family project!

Posted 4 years Ago
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