Things That Belle Would Totally Pin

I had so much fun imagining what Rapunzel would pin if she were on Pinterest, that I knew this silly, pin-crazy article had to have a follow-up. Hence, things that Belle would totally pin!

I picked Belle because she’s not so unlike myself. She loves travel, appreciates good food, and enjoys a good book—er, books. Lots and lots of books. Here’s what I think Belle’s lovely Pinterest boards would be brimming with.


Travel Photos

ABD Austria pin

One of the first things we learn about Belle (other than that she’s a “funny girl”—so not true!) is that she wants adventure in the great wide somewhere. Her travel boards on Pinterest would probably be beautiful, filled with travel guides, far-off places, and spooky secluded castles.


All the Roses

mid-century modern design disney

Remember these awesome mid-century Disney designs we created a while back? This would be Pinterest gold for Belle’s design board. She’s not into anything too fancy, so she’d probably love this minimalist rose design.


Beautiful Libraries

Belle pinterest library

You know that wonderful Pinterest trend of posting the world’s most gorgeous libraries? Yeah, Belle would totally be into that. Not just because they’re beautiful, but because she loves reading them too, of course.


Uplifting Quotes

belle pin quote

Belle is a princess with a lot of principles. She is wise, loyal, and fearless in her conviction to always do the right thing. From basic manners and kindness, all the way up to treating others as you’d like to be treated, and fairness. Belle is an idealist, and I bet she’d have a hard time scrolling past a good inspirational quote pin. If anyone ever knew how to not judge a book by its cover, its Belle.

All the Best Bags

Belle Canvas Bag

Fact: When you’re into books, you’re also into bags. Particularly the canvas kind that show off your favorite book shop or reference your favorite fictional character. True, Belle was more of a leather satchel type of girl, but she’d probably be pretty into a good literary book bag.



Though she might be forthright, serious, and strong, Belle is also only human, and has an obvious soft spot for sweets. Pinterest is like the ultimate window shopping experience for dessert recipes, so we bet Belle might pin a few delicious looking treats between chapters of whatever book she’s reading. She’d probably be particularly interested in these enchanted rose tarts from Disney Family.



Posted 4 years Ago
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