25 Disney Things To Help You Survive Finals

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Between the stacks of notecards, the late nights, and the frazzled nerves, there’s no getting around it: Finals are tough. Whether you’re in high school finishing up end-of-the-year projects or in college cramming for exams, the very idea of them can strike fear in the heart of students and add a sour note to May’s “summer is so close you can taste it” glow. If there are two things we remember about finals, however, it’s that they were never quite as bad as we imagined them to be, and that—as countless teachers will confirm—preparing for them sooner rather than later, helps the weeks of testing fly by with relative ease.

We may not be able to feed you the answers to your exams, but we can do the next best thing: Round up a collection of Disney things that will help you thrive during the most stressful season of the year—and beyond. Including everything from notebooks emblazoned with your favorite characters, to pillows for library power naps, we’ve organized this finals shopping guide by category in the slider below.

Note: All items are from DisneyStore.com (unless noted otherwise) and can be accessed by clicking the image.

Best of luck on your exams! We know you’ll do splendidly.

Posted 4 years Ago
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