Be Our Guest: Bridal Shower Flower Photo Booth

About a year ago, one of our lovely team mates, Nicole, got a beautiful surprise engagement at Disneyland.

Fast forward a year to her bridal shower here at work. Since Nicole and her husband are huge Disney fans, and she had such a wonderful Disney engagement, we wanted to throw her a Disney bridal shower that fit her style, with subtle references to Disneyland and some of her favorite Disney films.

To create a photo booth station at the shower, we turned to the pretty colors and general vibe of Alice’s golden afternoon.


All it took was some colored tissue, careful folding, and hot glue to make a really amazing and colorful statement wall to dress up the shower, and give us a spot to take pictures.

Alice Flowers Bridal 2

Watch the video below for a full list of supplies and instructions, and subscribe to Disney Style on YouTube to see the rest of our Best Our Guest tutorials!


Posted 4 years Ago
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