Getting Ready for Prom, as Told by Disney Characters

For a Disney fan, prom is basically the real-world equivalent of a royal ball. But without fairy godmothers or helpful enchanted wardrobes to keep preparations on track, getting ready for prom doesn’t just happen with a swish of a wand. There are several steps one must take in order to be ready.

First, you wake up super early. Seriously, why do we have to get up so early?Anna Waking Up

But, then you realize that prom has finally arrived! You get to wear a pretty dress! Yay all around!Anna Dress

It’s time to start prepping and there’s so much to do. You know you’ve got this though … maybe. Rapunzel hitting herself with a frying pan in Tangled GIF

Between makeup and mani/pedis, this getting ready for prom thing might not be so bad.

Georgina Getting Ready

And at your hair appointment you get an up-do, and you sort of feel like this:Ariel Twirling

Okay, it’s almost picture time! You just need to pack up your clutch when you realize NOTHING fits in it. Who invented these tiny purses anyway?Procrastinating-Disney-Characters_Alice-Face-Palm-GIF1

You finally see your look altogether in mirror and you’re as happy and confident as can be.cinderella swaying

Then, you meet up with your friends and you feel like this, because the whole squad is on point.Lilo and Stitch dance

Now, you brace yourself for the parent paparazzi brigade and wonder the whole time if you’re smiling weird.ratatouille pictures

Luckily though, your coach (aka limousine) arrives and it’s time to leave! Off you go to your magical prom!

Cinderella coach

Posted 3 years Ago
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