DIY: Toy Story Eraser Stamps

In an age of iPhone notes apps and Word documents on our computer, erasers have lost their clout. Unless you’re a young student or a budding artist, odds are you haven’t used one in years. Let’s change that.

Recognizing that an eraser’s original function—while important—is less necessary in the modern day, we’ve repurposed them into a DIY craft that will leave you believing them to be as essential as ever: the rubber eraser stamp. Follow the tutorial below for some Toy Story stamp designs, a fun way to commemorate the eraser and take your stationary’s aesthetic level to infinity and beyond.

DIY Stamp

  1. Begin by drawing your designs onto your rubber erasers with a pen. Here, we colored the portions of the eraser we planned on cutting away in black. Designs pictured: Buzz Lightyear stripes, a rocket, lasso rope, Woody’s sheriff star
  2. Using an X-Acto knife, cut into the surface of your eraser. The rubber is soft so make sure you go slowly; the blade will slice through it easily. For the stripes and stitches, cut “v” shapes out of the edge of your eraser for extra sharp lines.
  3. Once your designs are cut, dip your eraser into an ink pad as you would any stamp.
  4. Place the eraser ink side down upon a blank sheet of paper and gently rock it back and forth to ensure maximum ink transfer.


Your stamp designs are complete. Now it’s time to get creative! Take advantage of your eraser’s flexibility by folding the eraser to stamp curved shapes or dip your stamps in fabric paint to decorate the hem of a plain t-shirt.

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Posted 4 years Ago
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