These Limited-Edition Toy Story Moleskine Notebooks Are Soaring With Style

We live by the rule that a person can never have too many notebooks. They’re the keepers of our to-do lists, the recorders of our brainstorms, and the homes of our best ideas. Notebooks play a huge part in the creative process of animators, too. It’s not uncommon to find an animator’s notebook filled with doodles and story ideas.


It’s that bond between the creator and the notebook that inspired the new limited-edition Toy Story Moleskine Notebook collection. Sure, Toy Story was the first fully computer animated film, but the animators at Pixar have used paper for¬†sketches, illustrations, and storyboards on every one of their films.


The line features five unique Toy Story designs that have a cute, doodle-feeling to them. Each notebook also comes with a¬†themed postcard and custom graphics on the inside cover, like rocket ships and toy soldiers. Whether you’re an illustrator, or just a Toy Story fan, this collection is perfect for capturing all the wonderful ideas and stories you create.

You can pick up your favorite design on Moleskine’s online store now!

Posted 4 years Ago
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