Things Rapunzel Would Totally Pin

If you think about it, Rapunzel would definitely be the ultimate Pinterest pinner. She’s artsy, creative, always looking for a new craft or recipe to try out, great with color and flowers … and for much of Tangled, she’s kind of stuck in her tower and would have plenty of time to pin, pin, pin.

If she did have a Pinterest account, we’d totally want to follow and stalk all of her boards for cooking, decor, and hair braid inspiration. We bet her pins would look a little something like this …

Hand Lettering

Rapunzel hand lettering

We all want to be expert calligraphers, but who has the time to practice? Rapunzel sure does. She and Pascal could practice all day with these notebooks from Brit + Co.


Floral Nail Art

Tangled Nail Art

This nail art tutorial from one of our favorite nail art experts, Lynette CenĂ©e, is so Rapunzel. It’s also super easy to create, by combining floral nail wraps with Rapunzel’s signature magenta color.


Rainbow Hair

Rapunzel Hair

Rapunzel has a bit of an adventurous, rebellious side, when she’s brave enough to go for it. Though she was stuck with the same hair style for quite a long time, after making a bit of a change in length, she might now also be into playing with the color. A beautiful shade of purple/pink makes great sense for her. Via Brit.Co.


Flower Crowns


Whether her hair is long or short, Rapunzel’s use of flowers in her hair is super creative, beautiful, and perfect for spring. This flower crown tutorial from Disney Family is inspired by Tinker Bell, but the colors are also perfect for Rapunzel.


Motivational Accessories

Rapunzel Guitar Pick

Throughout her adventures, Rapunzel had to keep reminding herself to live her dream and to not give up on her goal of seeing the lanterns. She’d totally be the ultimate motivational quote pinner with little sayings that help remind her of what’s important. She’d totally dig this “Wild and Free” guitar pick from Free People.


Whimsical Dresses

Rapunzel dress

Rapunzel has that perfect mix of super girly but also pretty sporty. The answer to such a style conundrum is the classic sundress. We think Rapunzel would like this giant playful maxi skirt from Free People, combined with a simple tank that reminds us of her purple dress with its square collar.


Hazelnut Soup


Remember when you saw Tangled and Mother Gothel mentioned hazelnut soup and you thought to yourself  “oh wow, what on earth is hazelnut soup?!?!” Well, now you can try to recreate Rapunzel’s favorite dish with this recipe, which would naturally be on her Pinterest.


All the Braids

Rapunzel Braids

Creative braids were really big this year, and with locks like hers, Rapunzel is obviously the ultimate braid queen (especially thanks to the talents of those village girls who helped her out with her hair). She’d probably have a board just for braids, featuring this gorgeous look pinned by Lauren Conrad.

Posted 4 years Ago
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