Why Peter Pan Makes Us Green With Envy

A deep dive into Peter’s greatest traits—fashion related and otherwise.

Peter Pan

As we plan outfits for this St. Patrick’s Day, we have our minds on the king of verdant style—Peter Pan. Though the movie enjoyed its 63rd anniversary earlier this year, Peter’s ability to make us green with envy is timeless. Here’s why:

First, he’s basically a superhero.

He fights bad guys, hides in a secret lair, adventures to distant lands, has a wit as sharp as his dagger, and his story is based on a book. Did we mention he can fly? With his character’s inception predating the golden age of superheroes by a few decades, we think it’s safe to say Peter was a superhero before it was cool and we would give our left hook for a day in his shoes.

He’s best friends (and foes) with style icons.

Though Peter’s outfit would make any style aficionado jealous, the people around him certainly hold their own. One needn’t look further than trending shoe poms or  Nation LTDs new Tinker Bell line to know what a style icon Tinker Bell has become. Remembering the outfits Wendy Darling, Tiger Lily, Peter’s crew of mermaids friends and, yes, even Captain Hook also sport throughout the film, it’s hard not to feel jealous of the fashionable company he keeps.


His outfit.

Of course we had to discuss this further. It so perfectly balances function, comfort, and style that it’s no wonder he doesn’t change it for the whole movie.

Let’s break it down:

For one, his hat.

You know that part of every Disneyland roller coaster where a recorded voice tells you to remove any hats, glasses, or articles of clothing that might fall off during the ride? Well, we guess that doesn’t apply to Peter. For every bit of aerial gymnastics, that green fedora and its bright red feather somehow stay put and we want in on whatever magic accomplishes it.

Next, that belt.

Though none of us should walk around (much less fly) with a dagger handy outside of Neverland, we love the idea of Peter’s belt-holster. Not only does it cinch his tunic at his waist for a fitted look, it stores the very thing that protects him from baddies and that mix of purpose and ferocity is what any fashion accessory should aspire to.

Those leggings though.

It’s hard to discuss Peter Pan’s fashion without special mention of his forest green leggings. If never growing up means getting to lounge in tights all day, count us in. (Special praise goes out to the fact that they never seem to snag—as if we weren’t jealous enough already.)

How comfortable do his shoes look?

When we said we’d like to spend a day in Peter’s shoes, we meant it, literally. Peter Pan predicted the ankle boot trend ages before it hit and seems to have nabbed the softest looking pair. If you’ve seen a similar pair outside of Neverland, let us know.

Judging by this other Disney hero’s style, we’re not the only ones with serious outfit envy.

Speaking of fashion, he has an entire collar style named after him.

Though Peter Pan’s outfit in the 1953 Disney movie features a v-neck, his eponymous collar (whose history we chronicled a short month ago) is enjoying a resurgence and we can’t imagine anything cooler.

Are you feeling a twinge of envy too? Commiserate in the comments below and check out this Peter Pan-inspired makeup tutorial to get a chance to channel this adventurer.


Posted 4 years Ago
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