From the Purse of: Mrs. Potts

In the years we’ve been doing this exploratory series, we’ve delved into the bags of Disney Princesses, Villains, sidekicks, and heroes. It never crossed our minds to imagine what the purse of a teapot might contain.

You really have to use your imagination a bit on this one. Obviously, this is post-breaking the spell, human-again Mrs. Potts who isn’t in her teapot form any longer (though her affinity for all things tea would likely remain). Here’s what we think we might find in the purse of our favorite busy, cheery, loving teapot, Mrs. Potts.

From the Purse of Mrs Potts

Mrs. Potts reminds us of our grandma or favorite aunt, so we’d like to imagine her with one of those big floral bags that seems to have everything in it that you could ever need. Need a tissue? She probably has five varieties to choose from.

She wouldn’t appreciate being seen out with any “spots,” so to clean it up she’d have blotting papers (these ones are green tea scented!). Following on the tea trend, she’d have a single cup tea infuser, so that she could have teatime on-the-go. Instead of the usual plastic travel mug, she’d carry with her a lady-like cup that just happens to have a lid to prevent spills.

Mrs. Potts always has perfectly rosy cheeks, so we included in her bag Milani powder blush in “Tea Rose.” Keeping with the theme, her go-to nail polish would be this dainty neutral shade by butter London, “High Tea.” To keep her skin soft, we added a simple pretty peach lotion.

To finish it all off, we imagine Mrs. Potts would love the Chip teacup necklace from the new Disney Couture UK collection, because who wouldn’t? It’s just so charming.

Posted 4 years Ago
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