9 Stages of Finding Out About a New Disney Collection, as told by Disney GIFs

If you read Disney Style regularly, you know we love to bring you news of new Disney clothing and accessories collaborations. We ourselves get excited when we hear of a new pair of ears at the Parks or a new character charm from PANDORA. We pride ourselves on knowing when the merch is coming, where to find it, and the best way to style it.

If you love your Disney Vans as much as we do, you’re probably familiar with the emotional experience of finding out about a new Disney collection’s arrival. It goes a little something like this …

1. First, you’re just going through your life, happy as a clam, thinking about Disney things. This is the pre-Disney collection awareness stage.

Disney Confessions GIF


2. Then, you happen to stop by Disney Style’s site or see a post on Facebook or Instagram that tells you to drop everything and look at the new amazing line from “insert store name here.” This stage is called shock and awe.

Belle shocked GIF


3. The next stage is pure giddiness—you can’t contain your excitement for this collection’s existence. Bless, blessed be to all of the individuals who made such an amazing Disney thing happen—like the Marc Jacobs Alice in Wonderland collection. It had us jumping around like this:

Anna excited GIF


4. It slowly occurs to you that you absolutely have to have every piece of this collection because you are the biggest Disney fan in the entire world. You will stop at nothing to get said collection. This is the planning stage.

Maleficent evil grin GIF


5. Stage five: action. You race with all due speed to the nearest Disney Store or website or retailer who will be carrying the new bag or shoe or charm of your favorite Disney character that you have to have.

Thumper Ice Skating GIF


6. The search. You try to walk through the store casually, but inside you are a beast on a mission, trying to find the piece of apparel that you so dearly need to have in your Disney repertoire. You try to walk at a normal, socially acceptable speed—but let’s be honest, you are on the prowl.

Little Mermaid GIF_Ursula_Crawl


7. Deciding. You have found the new Disney items, but they are all too magical, all too perfect, all too Disney; how could you choose just one? This stage is probably the most painful, and why the whole Disney Style staff owns several pairs of Disney shoes, fannypacks, and Minnie ears.

Procrastinating Disney Characters_Alice Face Palm GIF


Stage seven is important because if you don’t make the right decision, then come back to get said Disney collection later, it might be sold out, and you’ll be feeling like this:

Ariel Under Water Gif


8. Once you’re able to rationalize which items from the collection you can’t live without, you enter stage eight: Purchase—also known as the happiness stage.

These Robin Hood GIFs Will Brighten Up Your Day - Robin Hood


9. Stage nine is the actual wearing of the new Disney items as soon as possible, showing off your new hat or kicks. The cycle then repeats itself the next time you read Disney Style and see a new collaboration that you need to get your hands on. Sorry not sorry.

Gus Gus Wave Cinderella GIF

Posted 4 years Ago
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