Host Your Own The Nightmare Before Christmas Viewing Party

It’s December, so that means that we’re watching ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas non-stop! To really get into the Christmas spirit, we’re going to host our own The Nightmare Before Christmas viewing party, complete with Nightmare snacks, crafts, and fashion. Host your own with these spooky/merry tips and tricks.


DIY Decorations


Disney Family has an amazing assortment of printable crafts and decorations to host a spooky Nightmare party. We especially like the votive candle holders and cupcake toppers that look like Jack and Sally. Most of these adorable crafts are printable, so all you have to do is print them out and assemble!




Surprise your friends with online party invitations! These The Nightmare Before Christmas digital invites from Disney Family are easy to send, and make the party feel legit.


Dress The Part


Use our Nightmare shopping guide to find all of the best Nightmare shirts, scarves, and socks out there. No Nightmare viewing party is complete without Sally socks!




Cake pops. It’s cake, in pop form. Actually, in Jack Skellington form. And with these cake pop instructions, your guests will be super impressed with your cake popping skills.


Get Pumped

Jack Poll

While you’re waiting for the film to start, take some of these Oh My Disney quizzes to find out which of your friends is the ultimate The Nightmare Before Christmas fan. Find out if you can beat your friends on this Nightmare quiz. Whoever has the highest score gets extra cake pops.



Posted 5 years Ago
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