How To Next Level Your Christmas Tree

Every year once Disneyland has gone through its amazing holiday overhaul, we always are inspired by the attention to detail and how magical the decorations are. That’s why we looked to the Parks for inspiration to help take our holiday decorations to the next level, starting with the tree.

Main Street, U.S.A. Disneyland Christmas

The key to the beautiful Disneyland decorations is one thing: volume. That tree, those garlands, they are all loaded down with large scale ornaments. That’s what gives them such a different, more full look than the typical decorated tree that is usually filled with lots and lots of tiny ornaments.

To achieve this volume on a normal tree, without the help of those magical folks and decorating pros from Disneyland, we tried three tricks:

  1. Lights: Instead of tiny twinkling lights, we went with larger bulbs placed far back into the tree.
  2. Bundles: Instead of hanging tons of tiny bulbs all over the tree, we glued and wired several bulbs together to create beautiful clusters. This is also an affordable way to create large scale ornaments, instead of purchasing very large ornaments.
  3. Garland: When you pick the type of garland you’d like to use on your tree, combine two strands by twisting them together. This adds some more volume to the tree decor, and gives the garland a really fancy, custom look.

Be our Guest Garland

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Posted 5 years Ago
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