Customize Anything With Your Own Arlo Stamp from The Good Dinosaur

We decided to make a stamp in the shape of Arlo that you can apply to anything!  To start, you’ll need the Arlo stamp template, craft foam, a piece of cardboard, a pen, tacky glue, acrylic or fabric paint, a paint brush, and a pair of scissors. For our DIY, we decided to make a pillow, which means you’ll also need a plain removable pillowcase and a pillow insert.

First, print out the Arlo stamp template and select which size you’d like your stamp to be (for our pillow we chose the 3 inch version). Carefully, cut out the Arlo template you’ve chosen.

Arlo Stamp 1


Next, cut a piece of craft foam that is slightly bigger than your template. Trace the template onto the craft foam using a pen, and cut it out.

arlo stamp 2


Take your Arlo-shaped craft foam silhouette and glue it to a piece of cardboard that’s slightly larger. Then, your Arlo stamp is complete!

arlo stamp 3


To customize a pillow like we did, prepare your workspace with the pillowcase, paints, and paintbrush. We mixed two greens together to create the perfect shade for our pillow.

arlo stamp 4


Using your paintbrush, apply the paint to your stamp. If you get paint on the cardboard, use a paper towel to wipe it away.

arlo stamp 5


Now it’s time to get stamping! Repeat the process of applying paint to your stamp each time.

Arlo Stamp 6


When you’re done, let it dry and then decorate your space with your new Arlo-inspired pillow.

arlo stamp 7


The Good Dinosaur is available on Blu-Ray, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere on February 23.

Posted 4 years Ago
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