DIY: Mickey Mouse Iron-On Patch

We’ve been obsessed with elbow patch sweaters for a while now, and wanted to think of a creative way to turn this trend into a Disney Style craft.

Then it hit us … what if we took Mickey’s famous silhouette and made that an elbow patch? The result is a chic and fun way to show off your love for Mickey, in a stylish way.


To make the Mickey Mouse iron-on patches you’ll need paper-backed, iron-on adhesive (which you can find at any craft store), scissors, an iron, a pen, fabric, and something to adhere the patch to. The Mickey silhouette template can be found on Disney Family!


First, choose what size Mickey you want your patches to be (we chose the top left one on the Disney Family template) and cut it out. Then, cut the fabric and the iron-on adhesive to be slightly larger than your Mickey template. Pre-heat your iron, following the directions on the iron-on adhesive packaging for the best temperature.

Next, place the fabric right-side down so the dullish side is facing up. Place the textured side of iron-on adhesive down on top of the fabric, so that the smooth side of the paper will be facing up.  Lightly iron the smooth side of the transfer paper until the textured side bonds with the fabric.



Let the fabric cool for a few minutes. Then, take your Mickey template that you cut out and place it on the smooth side of the transfer paper. Trace the Mickey silhouette with a pen and cut it out.



Try on your sweater and mark where you want the patch to be with a pen. Take your sweater off, and peel off the smooth side of the adhesive paper. Place the patch right side up onto where you marked and iron it. To make sure your patches last, sew around the edges to secure.



Repeat the process until you have both patches for your sweater!


Posted 5 years Ago
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