We Want Our Cinderella Wedding to Look Like This

One of our favorite parts in the live-action Cinderella is Ella and Kit’s wedding. Mainly because we love a great happily ever after, but also because it’s such a beautiful scene to end the story. From Ella’s wedding gown to the flower arrangements, it’s pretty much our dream wedding.

Now, a royal wedding might not be the most practical for daily life, but that doesn’t mean Cinderella can’t inspire your wedding. Jamie from For the Love Photography put together a photo shoot inspired by the film, and it’s just as beautiful and sweet as the wedding in the film. Take a look and find out just went into making this lovely shoot a reality:


Why did you choose Cinderella to inspire this shoot?
I loved the recent movie and its unabashed romanticism and joy.  In particular, the themes of kindness, resilience and faith, and accepting someone for exactly who they are really resonated with our team.  Taking this inspiration seemed to perfectly suit a styled Anniversary session with a real life couple who recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary. I wanted to present a modern twist on the fairy tale ending, and focus on life after the wedding – a real life happily ever after.  The resulting session called for both a ball gown and a more nature-inspired look, because at its heart Cinderella is a story of how transforming love can be, with just kindness, courage, and of course, a little magic.

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How did you tie in story elements of Cinderella?
I tried to show both elements of the movie – the love of nature and the glamour of her transformation for her time with the prince.  I liked that the early part of the movie showed Ella as a simple country girl who loved to read and be outside, so I used classic novels with strong female heroines and teacups filled with ranunculus and roses, along with lush seeded Eucalyptus.  Then I brought in touches of glamour including a vintage carriage clock, a vintage mirror with the couple’s monogram, and gold carriage centerpiece filled with roses.  We really wanted to spotlight the phrase “Have courage and be kind” because it was the heart of the movie and force that guided Ella through her life, so our calligrapher Eliza Gwendalyn created wood die-cut writing that we then showcased on a gorgeous dried boxwood wreath.

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How can brides incorporate ideas from Cinderella into their own wedding?
– Add touches of gold or silver with pastel colors to create a magical, glamorous atmosphere!  We used gold spray paint to transform quite a few
elements (such as the mini carriage), with lots of blues and pinks.
– Think of cute details, like using the chocolate mice we had as delicious and sweet favors, or tuck silk and paper butterflies into the flower arrangements like we did (a nod to Ella’s father’s gift).
– Select shoes that are really special, and that you would wear again when getting dressed up for a date night!  These “glass slippers” weren’t traditional white, and can be worn again and again.
– Use pumpkins for centerpieces, but with a modern twist, by setting mercury glass pumpkins in ivy with peonies and roses sprinkled among them.
– Have a calligrapher create a sign like our wooden “And They Lived Happily Ever After” board with gold and white – it can be used at the reception and then hung up in your house afterward.

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Photography & Coordination: For the Love Photography
Ball Gown: Enaura Bridal
Calligraphy: Eliza Gwendalyn
Floral Design: Something May
Posted 4 years Ago
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