Make These World Showcase-Inspired Mickey Ears

On a recent Disney Style trip to Walt Disney World for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, we wanted to create custom ears that celebrated both Epcot and the beautiful and delicious World Showcase. For these custom DIY Mickey ears, we went pretty literal: Spaceship Earth on one side, and food, food, food on the other. Spaceship Earth is just so iconic and beautiful, we knew it had to be part of the design. Since we were visiting during Food and Wine, we knew we had to incorporate tasty treats as well.

World showcase mickey ears

We’re pretty proud of the result, though, and had a blast wearing them as we went from country to country around the lagoon, noming on all the delicious treats that the festival had to offer.

Here’s how we did it:

Mickey Ears

First, we used a standard pair of Mickey ears to apply our flair. You can also create your own from scratch using a headband and foam. Learn how with one of our handy Mickey ear tutorials.

Next, we used that magical craft glue of our dreams, E6000 to apply these tiny food buttons we found at the craft store. There are tons of options out there, so shop around and find some that you like. You can also use charm bracelet charms if you don’t find food buttons that you like. We added a few spare rhinestones we had laying around for some extra sparkle. Plus, we just love rhinestones.

For the other ear, we simply printed out a great photo of Spaceship Earth, traced the ear shape onto the back of the photo, and cut out the shape. We used lots of glue to hold it in place. A layer of Mod Podge will keep it from getting wrinkled in your suitcase.

And ta-da! The perfect Mickey ears to wear to Epcot!




Posted 5 years Ago
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