Amazing Disney Costume Designs at Mousequerade

Thus far, the fashion highlight of Disney D23 Expo 2015 has been the Mousequerade costume contest. More than just your average cosplay, in true Disney style the designers selected to compete were not only very crafty, but extremely imaginative.

The contestants were divided into different categories so that Loki wasn’t competing with Concept Art Elsa, then an ultimate winner was chosen from the finalists. And by the way, Zendaya was a guest judge!

Here are some of the highlights!

This Genie costume inspired by Aladdin on Broadway was amazing (he said it took him ten thousand years to create).



This contestant went extra whimsical with her “Lolita Couture” inspired Alice outfit.



Captain Hook was super stylish, as per usual.



Here’s a better look at Hook who was even able to achieve the Captain’s chin and nose. To the right you’ll see a Matterhorn Bobsleds gown, complete with waterfalls and yeti.



Ursula was literally the big winner in the fairy tale category–her sea witch costume was so large, it couldn’t even fit onstage!



A fan and Disney Style favorite was this creative take on the it’s a small world attraction from Disneyland. We loved the gold quilting and clock action.



You can’t have a style contest and not include the most fashionable of all Disney characters, Edna E. Mode (she had some things to say about Elsa’s cape, naturally). Real life magic mirror was just as spooky as in the film.



This was a glorious and sparkly real life version of Elsa’s spring gown from Frozen Fever.



One contestant decided to give Princess Leia a Disney Princess vibe. She still used the etheral, simple layers from Princess Laia’s classic white dress.



Ultimately, the yeti from Matterhorn won! It was a tough race full of creativity, but it’s hard to beat someone who went to such literal heights to achieve costume greatness.



After the contest, participants paraded down to the main hall to present the winner. Shout out to the tightrope walker from The Haunted Mansion, we really loved her look!


Posted 5 years Ago
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