On this day in 1995, Pocahontas first came to theaters. To honor that anniversary, we decided to take our DIY skills up a notch and paint with all the colors of the… clay.

Sorry, had to.

When we recently discovered the amazing transformative powers of polymer clay, we made a Mickey jewelry dish with a marble design. It was probably the most fun craft we’d ever done, until now. Knowing how easy it is to cut, roll, and stick polymer clay into whatever shape we want, we figured it would be the perfect medium to use to recreate Pocahontas’s signature necklace.

Her necklace is made of individual turquoise beads, but it would be extremely difficult to recreate its unique shape with beads that we found at the craft store. So we had to get scrappy and use clay to achieve just the right shape. Here’s how you can create your own!


Turquoise, white, and yellow polymer clay
String or an empty necklace
Rolling pin
Plastic knife
Cookie sheet


First, roll out the turquoise clay in to thin, wide sheets. These will be the larger turquoise beads that make up her necklace.




Next, cut two rectangles out of the clay, approximately two inches by two inches. The necklace will look more like Pocahontas’s if you slightly curve the edges to the left and right, like we did below.


Fold the square pieces of clay in half around the necklace to create the long, rectangular beads.



Do the same for the second bead on each side, this time a tiny bit smaller than the first set you created. Wrap these pieces of clay around the necklace as well. Keep in mind if the shapes are a little off, it’s easy to mold or cut the clay to get just the right shape!


For the tinier, spacer beads that go between the larger ones, we decided to make them a little lighter, just like how Pocahontas’s necklace looks. For this, we used the same clay, but added in white with a marbling effect. To do this, first roll out two tubes of clay, one turquoise and one white.


Next, begin to twist the two long strands together into a coil. Fold the coil in on itself, and twist again. Repeat this until the clay is thoroughly marbled and light blue.



Roll out the light blue clay and cut into strips to become the spacers between your large beads.



Begin to layout the necklace and shape or cut the clay as needed to get the right shape.



Finally, we created the tear-shaped pendant at the center of the necklace by marbling white and yellow clay the same way. Next, just roll it out and cut the teardrop shape. Fix it to the middle, light blue spacer with another small piece of clay at the back, like glue. It will all secure and fuse together when you bake!


To finish, lay the necklace on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for fifteen minutes or until the clay pieces have hardened. Carefully allow the necklace to cool. Ta-da!


Posted 5 years Ago
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