For our next movie night, we decided to visit Pride Rock and throw a Lion King-inspired party! The Lion King is one of our favorite Disney movies…even one of our editors has a tradition of watching it on the plane anytime she goes to Walt Disney World! Our Lion King love runs pretty deep, so it only makes sense to have a fun movie night to watch this Disney classic.


To make this movie night stand out, we made it into a DIY party as well! As the host, you can have all the basic supplies, and ask your guests to bring their own mason jars, dishes, tote bags, and more to craft with.



Every movie night needs a great snack, and as a nod to Timon and Pumbaa’s favorite meal of grubs, we made some dirt in a cup (aka grub snacks!) Just fill a clear jar or cup with chocolate pudding, layer in crushed up Oreos and top with some gummy worms. Slimy, yet satisfying.



As a favor for your guests, ask them to bring their own plates to create a jewelry dish.  The finished product looks super fancy, but is super easy to make. You can pick up a bag of plastic jungle animals from your local craft store and spray paint them gold (or any color you’d like). Then, use a small amount of hot glue to attach the figurine to the dish. You can use the extra spray-painted animals like we did as decoration!




For your movie night sips, these quote mason jars are perfect quick craft. A couple colorful permanent markers, a mason jar, and your love of Lion King are all that’s needed to make a one-of-a-kind cup.



And if you need another craft for your party, you can always use our Lion King stencil to make your own Simba-inspired gear! Just print out the template and use it to add a little bit of Lion King style to anything.


Will you be hosting a Lion King movie night soon? We can’t wait to see your photos on Twitter and Instagram.

Posted 4 years Ago
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