How To Decorate Your Room Like Rapunzel’s

Last month, we introduced you to a Jasmine-inspired room, and who better to follow up the crown princess of Agrabah than her comrade in voluminous (and long…very long) hair and adventurous spirit–Rapunzel!

Rapunzel's Room in Tangled

Her room (or whole tower if you will) is vibrant, artsy, whimsical, and we would absolutely love to bunk with her and Pascal. We chose homey pieces that emulate her sunny space, love for artfully decorated walls, and her penchant for nature. We also had to incorporate all of the bright splashes of color seen in her room and personal style.


If you’re looking to get tangled in a new room makeover, take a look at these items we found for you. Best. Day. Ever!



Which Disney character’s room would you like to see next?

Posted 5 years Ago
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