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Our pal Alli Simpson is going to be guest blogging about fashion, beauty, and what it’s like being a Radio Disney jock! This week she has some tips about confidence and treating yourself well, plus her own personal secret for keeping a positive attitude.


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Some say you have to love yourself before you can love others. I am not so sure about that; sometimes I think it can work the other way around as well.


By loving yourself I don’t mean in an arrogant or “stuck-up” way. I mean loving who you are and respecting yourself and being happy inside knowing that you are who you are.


Sometimes it can be difficult to love ourselves. If we have things that we feel unhappy about with ourselves either through our own perceptions or because of thoughts put into our heads by someone else’s cruel words, it makes it tough. We dwell on these thoughts for so long that we actually train our brains to think they are real, even if they aren’t! These negative thoughts become all we focus on and distract us in everything we do. They drain our energy and make us feel sad and worthless.


Some things you can do something about; for example if you feel guilty for eating too much junk then apologize to your body, and give it some healthy exercise and good food.


Some things you can’t do anything about, like what others might think of you. Who I really am is the person I am on the inside and who I should LOVE. I can control how I feel but not how someone else feels. I must accept what I can’t control and focus on changing the things I can. This makes me feel really good for taking action on my own.

Alli Simpson

Here is my little secret:


Thoughts are like muscles; if you train them they get stronger.


By practicing love for others then you are also training your brain to feel love toward yourself. What you give out, comes back, and because usually it bounces around the universe a few times it can come back in multiples! Not always how you imagine, but it comes back.


So there you go, no matter how difficult it feels to forgive someone who has hurt you remember loving and forgiving someone is loving and forgiving yourself.


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Posted 6 years Ago
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