Boy Meets World Marathon Party

Ever since Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World was announced, we’ve been in a state of Boy Meets World nostalgia. How could we not? Boy Meets World was one of our favorite shows when we were younger.  We loved watching Cory, Topanga, and Sean grow up, learn from the wisest man ever, Mr. Feeny, and laugh at all of Eric’s crazy antics.

Boy vs. Girl Meets World


Now with Girl Meets World, we will be able to see the ultimate couple, Cory and Topanga, raising their two kids in New York City. But before Girl (a.k.a. Riley, Cory and Topanga’s daughter) actually meets the world when the show premieres on June 27, a Boy Meets World marathon is definitely in order. We put together the ultimate throwback party, so you and your friends can be all caught up before Girl Meets World premieres!


There are a lot of great quotes from Boy Meets World, especially by Mr. Feeny. It seemed only fitting then to make a sweet treat that featured Mr. Feeny’s wisest words. To make, use chalkboard paint to create a writeable surface on the jar (it took us about three coats). Using a chalkboard pen, write your favorite Mr. Feeny quote on your glass. Fill it with your favorite milkshake recipe, and you’re good to go!



As a nod to the logo, and all the memorable moments at school, paper airplanes are perfect decoration. Fold as many paper airplanes as you like, in a variety of sizes, and use tape and some crafting string to hang them.

While you’re watching Boy Meets World, play along with this themed bingo game. There are four different versions, so you and your friends can each have their own card. Whoever completes a diagonal or a line wins!

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And for outfits inspired by each of the characters, check out our Boy Meets World-themed looks here!

Posted 6 years Ago
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