For his next amazing video, Nick Pitera sings and performs a one-man tribute to Aladdin on Broadway. If you’re unfamiliar with Nick’s previous work, he creates amazing Disney videos wherein he sings every vocal role, creates the music, shoots, and edits the entire thing from start to finish. This is no easy feat considering he’s in every shot, and has to sing even the highest female pitches as well. The end result is absolutely amazing.

For this tribute to Aladdin, Nick added one more item to his impressive production resume: he also created the custom costumes he wears for each character. Instead of getting too literal with his Prince Ali, Genie, Jasmine, and Jafar costumes, Nick created theatrical ensembles inspired by each character.

Nick Pitera's Aladdin Ensembles

“I wanted to find a way to not be fully in costume, but to sort of be in this hybrid clothing that was sort of normal but also represented the characters, and made it very clear who I was singing as in each section.” The result helped get Nick inspired to sing some familiar Aladdin songs on stage: “It did help while performing because I felt like I was more in character because of it.”


We’re most impressed that he pieced the outfits together on his own by combining thrift store finds with decorative trims and some glue gun ingenuity: “It was fun to go hunt for things and then alter them to be a little more extravagant than normal street clothes.”

Nick Pitera's Aladdin Ensembles


Nick also added a special touch to each ensemble to showcase his own personal style. “Wearing the hearts is my visual signature in my videos. I wanted to have something more extravagant in this video, so I made four separate, very ornate rhinestone hearts that represent each character.”

Nick Pitera's Aladdin Ensembles


Keep an eye out for Nick’s custom signature hearts in each shot of his newest video.



Posted 6 years Ago
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