Why We Love the Style of Up

Six years ago today, Disney Pixar’s Up was released in theaters. We fell in love with Carl and Ellie’s love story, and enjoyed going on Carl’s adventure to Paradise Falls. Up is one of our favorite movies, not only because of its beautiful story, but for its style as well. So in honor of the anniversary, here are all the reasons why we love the style of Up:



Up Carl Ellie Menswear

We’ve already discussed how much we love Carl’s style on the blog, so much so, we made a full article about it. It’s worth noting again though, because it’s our favorite. Those square-shaped glasses, the suspenders, the cardigan, Carl nails #menswear and we love him for it.


Carl’s Ties


While Carl rocks a bow-tie in his later years, he first started his foray into #menswear with ties. Who can forget the sweet montage when Ellie would tie his tie for Carl everyday? No, we aren’t crying right now, something just got in our eye…


The House

Up House Carl Ellie

Carl and Ellie’s house is basically our dream home. It’s bright and colorful inside and out. We love all their knick knacks and personal touches (i.e. the mailbox) that make it so uniquely their own.


Ellie’s Personal Style

How Sundays Should Work

Ellie has a breezy, casual style that we just can’t help but adore. Her sweet sundresses are perfect for picnics in the park and we also love her headscarf, button down shirt, and jeans combo for working around the house.


Grape Soda Badge

Up Ellie Badge

You know you’re in the club when you’ve got the Ellie badge. We would be happy to adorn any item of clothing with the grape soda cap that Ellie gives to Carl (cue the awws).


Baby Carl & Ellie

Up Ellie Carl Kids

We don’t know what’s cuter, Elle’s bow and overalls or Carl’s sweater vest.


The Adventure Book

Up Ellie Adventure Book

Carl and Ellie’s adventure book is not only super adorable, it holds all the memories of the wonderful life that they shared together. We especially love when Carl finds Ellie’s note to go have his own adventure.


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