For our next purse, we decided to fall down the rabbit hole with Alice. A bit of a dreamer, and definitely curious, here are the things we think Alice would need for all of her adventures.


For picnics in the park, this wicker bag from Kate Spade would be perfect to take along. Alice loves to make flower crowns for her cat Dinah, so we think she’d keep a headband handy like this one from New Look. Speaking of Dinah, we bet Alice would love to keep this handy cat watch necklace from ModCloth with her, especially so she isn’t late to any important dates. We imagine that a modern day Alice would have a hipster, edgier style, so a pair of tortoiseshell reading glasses would definitely fit her.


From the purse alice


To keep track of all her trips to Wonderland and her other daydreams, a notebook for her to pencil down her thoughts is essential. A couple of shortbread rounds are a must for Alice, since she always seems to be eating the wrong things in Wonderland. Alice has as a thing for all things floral, this Library of Flowers Parfum tin will keep her favorite scent with her. As a nod to her bout with the Queen of Hearts, a deck of playing cards will keep her entertained in a world of her own.

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Posted 5 years Ago
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