The best time of year for a Bambi movie night is upon us! Listening to “Drip, drip, drop, little April showers” at any other time of year wouldn’t be quite so perfect.

Like Tangled and Frozen before, we’ve created everything you need to host an adorable themed movie night, this time with an outdoor spin, since we’re honoring the king of the forest.

Pine Cone Almond Herb DipHost a Bambi Movie Night

The best part of our Disney-themed movie nights is obviously the snacks. Good movie night snacks will look as beautiful as they are delicious. That’s why we had to try this pine cone dip trick. It’s pretty simple and can be modified based on which herbs and seasonings you prefer. We went for a sweet-meets-savory flavor for our version, combining fresh rosemary, sea salt, pepper, pepper flakes, and dried cranberries and blending into a cream cheese base. You could just as easily use pub cheese or try a chipotle salsa-infused cream cheese version–the whole point is to create a firm cream cheese base on which to assemble your pine cone. Step three: win the best party dip award (if there were such a thing).Host a Bambi Movie Night

Once you’ve incorporated your ingredients, use a spatula to mold the dip roughly into an oval shape that is a bit rounder on one edge, like a pine cone on its side. Then, stick almonds into the dip starting at what would be the tip of the pine cone, then creating a pattern of alternating rows all the way down to the bottom. Make sure the almonds overlap a bit to create a true pine cone effect.

You can choose your favorite dipping food to compliment the dip. We chose pretzels, AKA twigs (couldn’t resist).Bambi Movie Night

Bambi Movie Night Craft: DIY Terrarium

Host a Bambi Movie Night

Terrariums are great because the possibilities are endless. They can be tiny or gigantic, any shape, and can contain whatever plants and rocks you’d like.

We chose moss because it seemed to fit the vibe of the forest in Bambi. We also added a very special character in Vinylmation form, flower. (get it, Flower, terrarium?)Host a Bambi Movie Night

To create your Bambi-themed terrariums, pick a selection of sand, rocks, pebbles, and dirt. Layer however you’d like; it’s best to keep space for sand and dirt at the top for your plants to take root.

Finally, plant air plants, succulents, or cacti at the top and arrange any rocks, moss, or Disney trinkets around the plants!

Thumper’s “Just the Blossoms” Cake

Host a Bambi Movie Night

One of our favorite Bambi moments is when Thumper teaches Bambi how to eat the blossoms because “that’s the good stuff.” That little bunny somehow makes flowers look so delicious. In that vein, we decided to make a cake topped with edible flowers, so we could get in on that blossom-eating. The best thing about this trick is that, if you’re not the world’s best baker, you can do a very simple recipe or even buy a pre-made cake and use the flower petals as your signature addition that will still get a lot of ooohs and ahhhs from your guests.

Make (or buy, if you’re short on time!) your favorite type of cake and frost. We like the simple white cream cheese frosting since it’s such a good base for beautiful bright flowers, but any color will do. You’ll need to track down some edible flowers, which is easier than it sounds. Many of the flowers you’ll find in your backyard, grocery store, or local garden store are in fact edible. It only takes a few buds to cover an entire cake. Some of our favorite types of edible flowers include pansies, marigolds, roses,  carnations, camomile, chrysanthemum, dandelion, and daisies. Be sure to wash and dry them thoroughly as you would with fresh fruit and vegetables!

To apply, simply pluck the petals from the flowers, saving a few whole flowers for the centerpiece. You can either sprinkle the petals all around or apply them one-by-one if you’d like to achieve a more consistent pattern. We saved the biggest and brightest flower for the middle of the cake.

To celebrate the film’s 75th anniversary, Bambi will be available on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on May 23, and will be on DVD, Blu-ray, and On-Demand on June 6.

Posted 6 years Ago
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