Imagine if you could take a look inside the modern day version of your favorite Disney Princess’s purse. When someone mentioned that to us in a brainstorm, we got pretty excited ourselves. So we paused and thought: what would be inside Belle’s purse? What kind of purse would Belle even have?

This is what we came up with. Belle would naturally have a beautiful but functional satchel type purse, as she’d need ample room for all of her books. She’d probably be toting a Kindle around, and would of course have a very cute and simple Kindle cover. We liked this one from HarLex which is leather and can be personalized. Belle might also want to scribble down some lofty thoughts or sketch, so we included a small notebook and fountain pen by LAMY.

Belle seems like a bit of a tea drinker (tea goes with a good book!) so we imagine her with a Stanley thermos. For lip gloss, Belle would want something natural, so we went with Nordstrom lip gloss in Pale Peach. Finally, Belle needs her signature blue bow–we reimagined it as a hip headband we found on Modcloth to help her keep her hair out of her face.


From the Purse of Belle



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Posted 6 years Ago
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