Weekly Affirmation: Change Your Fate


At the beginning of “Brave,” Merida wasn’t exactly in a spot to be handing out wise words to live by, unless your goal in life was to get into mischief. And understandably so; she just wanted to be a kid, pursue her interests, and do things her way.
One thing Merida always did have right, however, is the notion that her fate was in her own hands. Though her initial strategy for influencing fate was a bit ill-advised, (potions, spells, treacherous desserts and such), the idea that her fate lived within her was always there; she never stood by and watched as her fate unfolded, but instead, was an active part in what would happen next. From shooting for her own hand to trying to fix a spell she’d set in motion, Merida always takes action, always brave enough to change her fate.

Our Fate Lives Within Us



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Posted 6 years Ago
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