This Cast Member’s Aladdin Themed Surprise Engagement is Adorable

It probably comes as no surprise that we love a happy ending around here. So what happens when one of our own gets engaged in the Happiest Place on Earth? The result is all kinds of cute and creative that will have you believing in the Disney magic.

When Sarah Kwolek, a social media insights analyst here at Disney Interactive, and her boyfriend, Michael (now fiancé!) travelled to Walt Disney World for Sarah’s birthday, she had no idea the surprise that was planned for her.  Michael secretly planned a scavenger hunt all around the Magic Kingdom to propose to Sarah!

On their last day, Michael insisted that they go to the Magic Kingdom. “Normally, my boyfriend is not very picky at all about where we go or what we do and this morning he was acting very peculiar.” As they toured around the park, Sarah’s fiancé insisted they visit a spot where they took a picture on a previous trip. While Sarah posed for a picture nearby The Hall of Presidents, Michael interrupted when he noticed a package at her feet. Sarah picked up the scroll to reveal a note from Aladdin.

A Cast Members Aladdin-themed Surprise Engagement

Michael created a backstory that Jafar, defeated from losing Jasmine to Aladdin, cast a love spell on Sarah. She and Michael would have to follow the clues together in order to stop Sarah from falling in love with Jafar and to save Michael from being banished to the Cave of Wonders.  “I had very little to go off of. It was signed by Aladdin, so of course I had to go.” With the clock ticking, Sarah and Michael were off on their hunt through the park.

In a lucky twist of fate, Sarah wore a bit of her own Disney style with Jasmine’s signature teal color and gold sandals. Jasmine is Sarah’s favorite princess because “she’s an unconventional princess. While most fairy tales traditionally portray princesses as soft spoken, gentle, etc. Jasmine breaks that mold. She’s fiery, independent, witty and even a little rebellious. She also has a pet tiger, which is pretty awesome. Plus, she rocks harem pants like no other.”

A Cast Members Aladdin-themed Surprise Engagement

The different clues Sarah’s fiancé set up led her to look behind books at Bonjour Village Gifts in New Fantasyland, searching inside a canon near Pirates of the Caribbean and locating clues in Liberty Square and Frontierland, and even the Haunted Mansion itself. “People probably thought I was nuts, excitedly scurrying around and rummaging through the most random objects and pieces of scenery in the park.”

A Cast Members Aladdin-themed Surprise Engagement

That last clue took her to the Rose Garden near Cinderella’s Castle. After finding a poem in the rose bushes, Sarah read that that she would have to close her eyes and make a wish or else she would become Jafar’s bride. “When I saw bride in my head there was a little click like: ‘what, that doesn’t have to do with birthday!’”

A Cast Members Aladdin-themed Surprise Engagement

“As soon as I made my wish and gave him a kiss, all the sudden I felt something on me. I had all this pixie dust all over me and I open my eyes and there’s my boyfriend, on the ground proposing to me right in front of the castle.”


“As you can see, it was a picture perfect moment for the happy couple. “It was definitely very cute and very memorable and not at all what I was expecting… it was really the perfect way to be proposed to.”

Posted 6 years Ago
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