Disney Style Profile: Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson is pretty much unstoppable. She’s a fashion and style blogger, makeup artist, YouTube personality, all around make-things-pretty guru–if there is a place online or off for her to flex her creativity, Kandee is coming up with ideas for it, sometimes even faster than she can execute them: “It’s hard because my mind goes crazy because I am the biggest Disney fan!”

You may have seen Kandee before in some of her exclusive tutorials for Disney Style. Without even knowing it, you’ve probably also seen her work in magazines, TV shows, commercials, celebrity appearances, and in films.

Kandee Johnson

If you’re a fan of Disney and fashion, then Kandee is creating things just for you. A true Disney fan at heart, her love of Snow White (the Disney character behind the first princess tutorial she ever did) and Minnie Mouse is an ongoing source of makeup and craft ideas that populate her website and YouTube channel. (Psst! Be sure to check back tomorrow for something special from Kandee, exclusively for Disney Style!) Beyond her love of the films, park, and characters, Kandee’s enthusiasm and creativity are positively Disney in and of themselves. When describing what advice she’d give someone just starting out as a makeup artist, she offers these words of encouragement: “Never let anyone discourage you! Always make sure you’re dreaming, just as much as you’re doing, for your dream!”

That spirit of creativity and doing is constantly being manifested in the range of DIYs and tutorials she creates, and the exuberance with which she creates them. Not just a natural makeup artist who started making her own lip gloss back in high school, Kandee realized her calling came from making others feel great. ” I realized I loved making women feel beautiful, when they’d see beauty that was already in their faces, just brought out in a new way.”

For this reason, Kandee is also a huge fan of her fans. “I always ask for what they’d like to see next, it’s kind of like being a pen pal, and instead of writing an answer back in letter form, I can make a video and show them each step” Kandee explains. The result has been

When we asked her if she had a anything she wanted to tell her dedicated fans, Kandee gave a truly Disney Princess response: “In the great words of Cinderella: ‘A dream is a wish your heart makes when your fast asleep…. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true.’ And if you ever see me anywhere, come up and say hi and let me hug you!”

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more from Kandee! Until then, here’s one of her signature how-to’s to help you achieve what she thinks will be a major makeup trend next season, the perfect smokey eye:



Posted 6 years Ago
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