Fashion Advice from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Sofia Wylie and Dara Reneé

When it comes to fashion, the gals from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series have some seriously stellar style. We got to sit down with stars Sofia Wylie and Dara Reneé to get their tips on how to put together the perfect outfit and give any look that extra dose of, as Sharpay would say, “fabulous.”
“For my character, fashion is her number one thing,” shared Reneé, whose character Kourtney plays a key role in the drama department’s costume crew. “[In] each episode and each scene, I look different, which was so fun.” 

Similarly, Wylie’s character Gina also gets to rock a number of iconic looks throughout the show. Wylie’s off-screen style is consistently making waves in the fashion world, so much so that even creator Tim Federle is slightly envious. “I know as a kid, I certainly would have wanted to dance like and dress like [Sofia],” joked Federle. 

So, what’s their secret sauce? For both Wylie and Reneé, it all comes down to not being afraid to try new things. 

“I’m in this phase of my life where my style changes drastically every other day. One day, I’ll go to my stylist and be like, “I want to be grunge,” and then the next day, I’ll be like, “I want to be glam. Full on glam: heels, makeup, earrings, everything.” I think just trying everything and not being afraid to go outside of your comfort zone or box, you might find something that you really, really love,” shared Wylie. 

Reneé shared a similar perspective. “Some things that you might not think work together, just trust that it works! Do what you want to do, have fun, experiment!”At the end of the day though, the gals stressed the importance of a chill style, too. Reneé shared, “You can catch me walking down the street with no makeup, sweats, and that’s totally okay. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and just be comfortable!”

So there you have it! You can see more show-stopping looks when High School Musical: The Musical: The Series begins streaming on Disney+ on November 12th in the U.S.! Also, don’t forget to follow @highschoolmusicalseries on Instagram for all the latest East High happenings! 

Posted 11 months Ago
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