Disney Descendants: How Princess Evie’s style has evolved over the years

We just can’t wait for the third installation of Disney Descendants to drop! So in the meantime, we move on to part two of our style evolution series. This time, we’re taking a look at how the incredible Princess Evie has transformed her style over the years.

As the chic daughter of the Evil Queen, Evie’s attire is often adorned with shades of deep blue and bright red, reminiscent of Snow White’s poisonous apple, of course.

So ahead of the highly-anticipated release of Descendants 3, we explore just how Evie has altered her fashionable looks over the years.


The first Descendants film saw Evie making her on screen debut in an edgy leather ensemble. She wears an iconic cobalt blue leather cape teamed up with a black leather skirt. For added edge, her skirt is decorated with colourful splatters and text. She also wears a pair of unforgettable spider-web print stockings and lace-up heel boots.

Evie’s attire wasn’t complete without her timeless accessories – featuring a gorgeous golden ruby necklace, glitzy blue headband and fingerless leather gloves.


As we approach Descendants 2, Evie keeps her blue-and-red fashion theme, but opts for brighter shades and glamorous makeup.

In this film, Evie swaps her cape-and-skirt combo for a gorgeous blue leather dress. The statement piece features a skater skirt, plenty of zippers and an array of studs along her arms. She pairs the look with panel trousers and towering golden boots.

This time, her fingerless gloves are a bright shade of crimson and she opts for a stylish choker necklace. Her voluminous turquoise locks are styled straight with an added curl at the ends, all the while rocking a bold red lip.


Meanwhile, Evie sports a whole new look in sneak peek previews of Descendants 3.

She trades her primary blue get-up for an edgy yet tropical dress. Sticking to leather, Evie wears a vivid red dress that is adorned with blocks of silver, blue and black. She even opts for matching leather pants and chunky heel boots.

Keeping the accessories to a minimum, Evie continues to wear her signature gloves in a deep cherry red, while also looking fabulous in a sparkly golden crown. She’s a queen and she knows it!

What’s your favourite Evie look? Let us know in the comments below!

Descendants 3 is set to premiere Friday, August 16 at 5:30pm on Disney Channel.

Posted 12 months Ago
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